This carefully crafted golden Loch Shiel single malt Pirate Cove has been patiently prepared in traditional oaken oak barrels in one of the largest distilleries in the Scotland, before being left to mature in bourbon cask barrels to add depth to its flavour.

Displaying a distinct oaky aroma and taste, combined with subtly sweet hints of toffee and vanilla, for a splendidly smooth Scotch with a lingering warmth, the Loch Shiel Pirate Cove is a single malt you will want to treasure.

  • WHISKY: Single Malt
  • COLOUR: Golden with Brilliant Clarity
  • AROMA: Oaky Aroma
  • TASTE: Subtly sweet Toffee hints and vanilla coming through
  • FINISH: Sweet and long lasting
  • ALCOHOL: 40% Vol


VEGAN: Vegan Friendly