This crafted Loch Shiel Single Malt Pirate Cove  25 Year Old whisky, has been patiently prepared in oak barrels in one of the largest distilleries in the Scotland, before being left to mature in American cask to add depth to its flavour.

Loch Shiel Single Malt 25 YO  is displaying fruity and fresh notes of crisp green apple. Complexity is added with deep oak notes and a touch of citrus.  Rich in flavour with green fruit notes follow through from the aroma. An abundance of oak tannin and vanilla spice.

  • WHISKY: Single Malt 25 Year Old
  • COLOUR: Light brilliant clarity
  • AROMA: Fresh note with crisp green apple
  • TASTE: Fruit Notes with oak aroma
  • FINISH: Long lasting oak
  • ALCOHOL: 43% Vol


VEGAN: Vegan Friendly